At our SVF facilities we have the capacity to make the major reconditioning of an engine (including maintenance, repair, modification, and updating). The reconditioning service of an engine is made according to the factory specifications, with trained technicians, special tools, test units, and uses new and rebuilt original parts, with a full line of consumables recommended to comply with the standards of performance, appearance y reliability of reconditioned products.

The reconditioning of an engine starts with its complete disassembling. All parts are then fully cleaned, using our special cleaning machines, to eliminate all pollutants, and to be able to examine them in accordance with the factory guidelines. We reuse the components that can be restored following the original quality specifications of the factory. Any component that is damaged or that has an outdated design, as well as all worn down parts (such as bearings, gaskets, seals, etc.) are replaced with new ones.

SVF reassembles the engine following standards approved by the factory methods. After testing the engine on a dynamometer to verify that it complies with the original factory requirements, the engine is painted according to the factory specifications.

SVF is your source to complete or finish a reconditioning. Our technicians also work every day on the generators, switches, transfer switches, and fuel systems. They are trained to work on all systems, and are capable of diagnosing malfunctions and solving problems in most repairs, whether they are electric or mechanical.

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