Operation and Maintenance Courses

According to statistical figures, 80% of the problems are caused by the operator. Most common problems are: The Operator does not carefully read the Maintenance and Operation Manuals of the engine; the Operator has not changed the spare parts with original parts; and the Operator has not followed the preemptive maintenance program.

In order to guarantee the successful growth and evolution of the companies, the continuous development of its employees is paramount. SVF offers a variety of training courses and consulting at the level of service distributors and clients on the repair and maintenance methods for the MTU / Detroit Diesel /Mercedes Benz engines, and for the MTUOnsite Energy power generation products.

SVF continuously offers technical training courses, which include verification and identification of parts, operation, maintenance, updating, diagnosis, and QL4 repair (full revision phase) for:

S60, S1600, S2000, S4000, DDEC Marine Control Electronic System, ECU8 Electronic Control System, Basler DGC-2020.

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